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Annpurna Haveli is a newly renovated property at a most beautiful site by the side of N.H.12. There is garden by the side of Lake, behind fort, a 360 degree view from Roof top. In-the lap of attractive green hills of Aravali on the bank of Nawal Sagar Lake in Bundi city ,there is a temple of "GAJ LAXMI" which is the center of people's belief all over the region & state.

There are many old proverbs about this temple and the idol of the "Goddess" According to old belief, about Puri family adjacent to Temple one of the ancestors of the family named "Nakhiji" whom people and his disciples respectfully called "Guruji". Once he was sitting in devotion, he saw a Saint passing above in the sky carrying idol of "Gaj Laxmi". "Guruji made him to come down on earth. The Saint put down the idol on earth and told everything about his journey. Guruji" realized that no harm was being caused & he allowed saint to continue his journey. The saint tried his best to lift again the idol, but he could not success after all he went away his way leaving by idol here. From that time, this holy place being called "MATHA"(NAKHI JI KA MATHA) where idol is being worshiped in this temple of "Gaj Laxmi" , "JALABHISHEK" (bath) water cures many diseases and specially if some pregnant lady faces problem in delivery, drinking of this Jalabhishek water helps in easy and Natural Delivery. "Gaj laxmi" is considered the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, and worshipped on every Friday and specially on Dewali festival.

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Annpurna Haveli

Annpurna Haveli   is located in a heritage building which in more than 150yrs. old

Bundi one of the most picturesque town of Rajasthan, sits on a narrow gorge in this hills and is encircled by a walled fortification with four

gateways Bundi was named after. Bundi is famous for its intricate also known as the city of "stepwells" as there are a number of step wells...


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