Rock Paintings

The painting has images of human beings, animals such as tigers, panthers, antelopes and various antique tools, Kukki said, claiming that it belongs....

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About Haveli

Annpurna Haveli it self has an ancient view inside and importance as a heritage. This building is called Nakihi ji ka Matha" here in local language.

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Travel Information

Bundi is Rudyard Kipling's first destination, in Hadoti, that is accessible from Jaipur by road. Set in a narrow encircling gorge-....

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Annpurna Haveli

Annpurna Haveli   is located in a heritage building which in more than 150yrs. old

Bundi one of the most picturesque town of Rajasthan, sits on a narrow gorge in this hills and is encircled by a walled fortification with four gateways Bundi was named after. Bundi is famous for its intricate also known as the city of "stepwells" as there are a number of step wells...


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